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Steering Committee Spotlight: Kennedy Pemberton

Monday 9th August 2010

I still remember the day I got an interesting email from my scholarship advisor, noting that the Royal Commonwealth Society was searching for four young volunteers to help plan their International Youth Programme – Nkabom. I simply could not resist! Thus, I decided to offer myself as a candidate even though I was pursuing full time Masters’ studies – my conscience simply would not allow me to shy away from helping other young people grow and develop! I spent two consecutive days writing my application for the position of Event Planning and Logistics Lead, and a few weeks later I was invited to interview for the job in what I will always remember as ‘the circular red room’. The rest is history…

Formally, my name is Kennedy Pemberton, and I hail from the tiny twin island federation of St. Kitts & Nevis – a quiet and sunny 68 sq mile country with a population of about 50, 000 people. Personally, I am an energetic, fun loving and easygoing individual who loves to enjoy life, but – don’t be fooled. I also have a relentless work ethic, inherited from my mother. Over the years I have developed a great love for youth issues, volunteerism and the tourism industry; therefore, I simply could not stay away from Nkabom as it allowed me to engage in all three of my passions in a single swoop.

When reflecting on my role as Planning & Logistics Lead, you would not believe how hectic it has been coordinating the travel of 35 young people from across the globe. In this case, all travel routes had to be convincingly cost effective for our partner organisations; at the same time, I attempted to minimize the need for transit visas and the individual travel time of each participant. I am happy to report that such flights are already being purchased, and with the exception of three participants, no transit visas will need to be sought. Moreover, the Steering Committee has arranged group processing of Rwandan visas for participants, and the programme of activities is well on its way to being finalised. Likewise, draft room assignments have already been made, and we are also paying particular attention to our participants who will be observing Ramadan during Nkabom 2010.

The chance to assist with this project reminds me that there is always much to be done, and I look forward to meeting each of you, hearing your stories, and learning from your experiences. Let us remember why we are going, and what we have been called to do. Let us remember those of us who did not get the chance to participate, and let us NOT treat Nkabom 2010 as the culmination of a great effort, but rather as the start of a chain reaction that will reshape our world. Let us stand up when we are told to sit down, and speak out when others wish for us to be quiet. Think of it like this, “The world is not run by those who can but by those who show up.”

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  1. Mehwish Zuberi permalink
    Monday 9th August 2010 4:55 pm

    Hey, Kennedy! I’m Mehwish from Pakistan 🙂
    Hats off to you, for making Nkabom (and getting there) possible for us. Travelling to Africa has been… Well, i wouldn’t even call it a dream. It’s more like the fantasy beyond my wildest imagination. I still have to pinch myself to believe that i got selected! Anyway, looking forward to seeing you and working together as youth ambassadors 🙂

  2. Monday 9th August 2010 6:26 pm

    Hi Kennedy,
    Congratulations for having believe in you and your capacities. Of course you’re doing very great with your role in the team ! Last week I got an email informing me that all delegates will get their visa in their country embassy or in Kigali upon arrival, and this is with your full efforts. Thanks

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