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Steering Committee: Second Spotlight

Monday 6th September 2010

‘You know, you never really know a person until you’ve lived with them,’ said Kennedy sagely over lunch yesterday. (Our french fry-carrying forks paused in mid-air, Nav and I shot raised eyebrows at one another: Kennedy bunks with Quang –God knows what they’ve been up to in their self-anointed ‘Bachelor Suite’?)

Wise words nonetheless from our occasionally-philosophical Events and Logistics Lead: you never really know people the way you do after you’ve hopped from one continent to another, frantically ran across Nairobi airport, and sped up and down the bumpy hills of Kigali, ears-popping, with them. And so a second look at the Steering Committee. Read closely, Nkabomers: this way at least you won’t be able to say you weren’t ever warned.

  • I will sell my soul for a good cup of coffee.
  • Nothing will wake me up except that cup of coffee – except, these days, Kennedy’s eerily prompt seven o’clock wake up calls.
  • I apparently sleep way too much. In Kennedy and Quang’s sleepless little idyll, where dissertations are proofread at 3 AM and Bob Marley is bopped to at 5 AM, this means I sleep for more than four hours at a stretch. I know, I know, I’m a disgrace.
  • Quang has an unhealthy fascination with the last three letters of the name of our programme. Please note: it is not a good idea to repeatedly utter these letters while in an aircraft some twenty thousand feet up in the air. On the plus side, however, it is a tried and tested way of turning Nav into a helpless jelly of nerves.
  • Kennedy doesn’t realize it but he’s a walking advertisement for McDonalds: the phrase ‘I’m lovin’ it’ and/or its variation ‘I love it’, ‘I’m totally loving this, man’ speckle his conversation more often than the number of times I profess my utter, undying love for caffeine (which is, believe you me, a lot).
  • Naveed is a maestro with the scissors. Anything that needs cutting, please refer it to Room 305. He will only be too happy to oblige.
  • Nav’s deadpan deserves a section all to itself, really. But here’s a bit of a taster:

On Rwandan hospitality:

‘He’s being extremely helpful. You know, I think he’s a genuinely good guy. The thought did cross my mind that at the end of these ten days I might find myself dancing in a dodgy bar in town with little bells on my feet but, no. I think he’s actually just nice. Everyone here is.

On whether the African print bags are ‘manly’ enough:

‘This isn’t masculine enough for you? What do you want, a print with a Mercedes Benz and a bikini-clad babe draped over it?’

On The Lion King:

‘That is not the right Hakuna Matata. Stop it – stop it! Do not, I say do not, partake in this bastardisation of East African culture.’

On following his own risk assessment:

‘Do I want to eat this tomato? No, I do not want to eat this tomato.’

On His Excellency’s inauguration:

‘Why do you keep saying fifteen African heads of state are attending? Last time I checked there were sixteen – are you planning on doing something to the sixteenth?’

On being Ismaili (a sect of Islam):

‘Whenever I tell people I’m Ismaili, they think I’m saying ‘Smiley’ and that I’ve joined a cult – like the ‘happy people gang’ or something. Then they think I’m strange and then they just stay away.’

(And one from Kennedy)

‘You know, I make a pretty sexy woman. I’ve been dressed up that way before.’ (this while he puts on his Max Factor lipgloss)

  • Though they may strut about as staunch advocates of the male sex, Kennedy, Quang and Nav are all actually closet feminists and believe that the world would be an infinitely better place if it was run by women. True fact.
4 Comments leave one →
  1. rosie permalink
    Monday 6th September 2010 5:18 pm

    haha, this blog is excellent. can’t wait to hear more about nkabom 2010 – wish you all the best!

  2. Todd Stone P Denoon permalink
    Wednesday 8th September 2010 11:24 pm

    I have pic to prove Kennedy being dressed up as a woman. I however disagree with the notion that he makes a very good looking one. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and may be compromised if your maybeline mascara is running into it

  3. Sunday 12th September 2010 3:17 am

    This Kennedy sounds like a good guy

  4. Nooruddin Jalal permalink
    Sunday 7th August 2011 9:28 am

    ” Smiley blog ” -Just stumbled upon your blog, it’s absolutely lovely. Look forward to checking back often.Your writing is graceful and evocative. Engaging but without pretension. “

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