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The residence of dreams

Tuesday 28th September 2010

Craig Dixon – Jamaica

Many things inflect and alter with time

Like policies, polities and paradigms –

But the residence of dreams

Is more eternal than time-

Each child’s dream – long before it sighs in earth’s wind –

Has lived in one place beyond the labyrinth of life–and

Every dreamer, rich or poor, was born in

A distinct spot within the labyrinthian twist –

For some dreamers, the course to fulfilment

Proceeds without curves, for others

It’s a meander of hazards and snags –

And still, for others, a mixture of both-

But despite the nature of your course

Your dream awaits your embrace; enduringly-

Strive for your dream therefore, with the same

Desire you have to breathe,

With intensity and courage uninhibited by fear,

Or the rebuffs of men who dare not aspire

To walk on the open plains of freedom-

And surely, in time, through lowlights and fireworks

Tantrums and meditation,

Star-crossed love and passionate love,

You will find your dream in residence,

Where passion sings a calm silence and

The soul examines the queries of the mind-

Fixed beyond the labyrinth,

Waiting – eternally

Nkabom 2010 – Kigali, Rwanda

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